April Can’t Come Fast Enough.

So before I go blathering on about Simple Abundance any further, I ran across an interesting article by Valerie Poulin called, Sarah Ban Breathnach Pisses Me Off. Ooo, the drama!

Could it be true?? Well, probably. Who knows. I certainly don’t have the time or motivation to research the issue myself. I wouldn’t be shocked if it were true. Frankly, I’m okay with it either way.

I am not an intense Breathnach follower. If you asked me if I was ‘on the path to simple abundance’, I would say no. All I’m doing is reading a book and trying to pull the worthwhile bits out of it. (FYI, here is a link to more Simple Abundance Ideas)

If there is one thing I’ve learned very well the past few months, it is that it is never a good idea to get too wrapped up in the ideology of such books. In the end, the person writing the book never does live up to the dream that you hold. Sometimes, they are the exact antithesis of how they present themselves. This can be a startling lesson to learn, but in the end I am glad that I did learn it.
True role models are not writers that tell you how to fix your life. They are the people who actively impact your life and those of others, with modesty and grace.

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