The day my world stopped…then started up again.

Just a brief update while I happen to have access to a computer.
This morning while my husband was running errands, I got tripped up while walking down the hallway. I had no time to react whatsoever. First I hit the wall on my left hand side, then I fell and landed on my knees, then belly, hard.
I completely lost it. I called my husband, shrieking, sobbing, and he was home in a matter of minutes to take me to the emergency room. The entire 10 minute ride over was a barrage of prayers on my part.
Please God, don’t take this baby away from me. Please let it be okay. Please dear God, just let it be okay. Don’t let me lose this baby. I will do anything, anything at all God, if you please do not let this baby be hurt.
After wasting far too much time trying to find a blood pressure cuff that actually worked, the nurse said forget it, we’ll do your blood pressure later, and hooked up the monitors to my stomach. She asked me if I had felt the baby move since I fell. I hadn’t.
Immediately, we heard the heart beating. Steady, strong. Dunk-dunk-dunk.
They asked if I was bleeding, cramping, having contractions. No, no, no. I had a slight pain in my stomach, but nothing severe.
She gave me a clicker and told me to push the button every time I felt the baby move. I laid there…so scared, holding my husbands hand, gripping the clicker, begging the baby to move so I would know he/she was all right.
After a few minutes, that baby was kicking harder and more consistently than I had ever felt before.
Thank God. Thank you God. Thank you God.
After a few hours of monitoring me, they set me free. As of this evening, still no bleeding, still no cramping, still no contractions. The baby should be absolutely fine.
Thank you so much God.

auf Wiedersehen!

Well, we’re off. Today we turn off the cable and internet in preparation of the insane clean-a-thon of 2007. We will be cleaning today and through the weekend. Monday the husband will load up the trailer, and Tuesday we will check out of our apartment, and hit the road to Kansas. Yahoo!

Oh, but the flooding? The tornadoes? The distinct and overwhelming smell of cattle poop? Not so yahoo.

Still, it is a pretty place, in its own way.

It is just very flat.

That is okay though. Not every place I’ll live will be just like Montana. That is fine. Change brings growth — and although moving, especially right before having a baby, will be hard, it will bring much growth to our lives.

Speaking of that baby. The little bugger is supposedly about 1 pound now. And ack, we still do not know the sex! I will have to try to get an ultrasound when I find a new doctor in Kansas.

My back has been really bad. The whole sciatica thing is really taking a toll on me. By the afternoon my husband has to help me get up from the couch, bed, chair, whatever, and help me walk to where I want to go (often times, it is the bathroom). It has been a blessing to have him home the last week or so. I don’t know what I’d do without him here…probably be on bed rest and have a very full bladder, to say the least.

In the mornings I do well. There is still back pain, but it is minor. When we do get to KS, he is going to try to get a morning shift at a place he is interested in, so that he can be there to help me come about 3pm and I can no longer move my tubby self around the house.

Oh, may I also mention that I am now 5 1/2 months along and I can still (barely) zip up my jeans? For someone who has been plus sized their entire life, this is a small victory to me. When you are larger, they want you to gain so much less than small sized women. So, the fact that I can still fit in my clothes MUST mean I haven’t gained too much weight, right? At 19 weeks I had gained 2 lbs…and I don’t have a scale, so hopefully the next time I go in it wont be a huge jump.

Before I go I have to say thank you to a very nice blogger friend who I met in REAL LIFE the other day! Gen stopped by my apartment and literally took about 3 or 4 laundry baskets full of books off of my hands. Oh and skads of purses. Thank you! She also gave me the most amazing Svan infant/toddler/small child chair. It is the dark cherry color and so gorgeous!! Thank you so much girl! I love it.

Hopefully I will have internet access again in the next few weeks. I promise to come back with lots of pictures and fun baby stuff I have gotten in the past few months.

Take care friends!

Oh to be 10 years old again.

For the life of me I cannot remember this “Dan” fellow. I sure do remember Mike though. Hehe.

Just got back from the ultrasound and…

It’s a…baby!

A baby who would not let us see his/her privates. Gar!

They said that if they had to guess they’d say girl, but it is still a big mystery.

I was disappointed of course, but everything was looking great with the baby. They estimated the weight to be 11 ounces and I have a new due date of Sept. 27th. Oh well, I will take what I can get!