The day my world stopped…then started up again.

Just a brief update while I happen to have access to a computer.
This morning while my husband was running errands, I got tripped up while walking down the hallway. I had no time to react whatsoever. First I hit the wall on my left hand side, then I fell and landed on my knees, then belly, hard.
I completely lost it. I called my husband, shrieking, sobbing, and he was home in a matter of minutes to take me to the emergency room. The entire 10 minute ride over was a barrage of prayers on my part.
Please God, don’t take this baby away from me. Please let it be okay. Please dear God, just let it be okay. Don’t let me lose this baby. I will do anything, anything at all God, if you please do not let this baby be hurt.
After wasting far too much time trying to find a blood pressure cuff that actually worked, the nurse said forget it, we’ll do your blood pressure later, and hooked up the monitors to my stomach. She asked me if I had felt the baby move since I fell. I hadn’t.
Immediately, we heard the heart beating. Steady, strong. Dunk-dunk-dunk.
They asked if I was bleeding, cramping, having contractions. No, no, no. I had a slight pain in my stomach, but nothing severe.
She gave me a clicker and told me to push the button every time I felt the baby move. I laid there…so scared, holding my husbands hand, gripping the clicker, begging the baby to move so I would know he/she was all right.
After a few minutes, that baby was kicking harder and more consistently than I had ever felt before.
Thank God. Thank you God. Thank you God.
After a few hours of monitoring me, they set me free. As of this evening, still no bleeding, still no cramping, still no contractions. The baby should be absolutely fine.
Thank you so much God.

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