I've discovered the secret to coping with my in-laws.


Lots of naps.

They do a pregnant woman good. Not only do they make me happier, they vastly reduce face to face contact with my step-mother in-law, "Aileen." You see, my in-laws work at the same place, with a 3-11pm shift. Today I took two decent naps and I managed to avoid "Aileen" for the entire day. Woot!

Things haven't gotten much better with her since I wrote about her last. Most recently, she said a very rude comment, in reference to me, to my husband and my FIL. I happened to overhear it in the next room, and I charged in there and yelled at her and told her what she said was total bullshit.

I'm not subtle, am I? Heh.

Granted, I will handle that type of situation much better next time around. Some good did come from it though. The next day I sat down with my FIL and told him the problems I had with his wife, the crappy things she had said, and that their smoking inside the house bothered and worried me very much. He was completely wonderful and listened to all my concerns. My FIL is great. I just am having a hard time dealing with the wife.

Tonight I am making up a batch of Flat and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies and some DELICIOUS Ritzy Chicken Nuggets (recipe and pictures later). You will never buy chicken nuggets from the grocery store again after trying these. Super easy and so good.

Yay for naps and all this energy!

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