If this is trashy, I don't care.

by Divine Domesticity on July 24th, 2007

By far the ugliest little things I've ever made. Tasty tho!

Pickle Wraps

1 small jar sweet pickles
1/3 pkg cream cheese
1 package dried beef*

*Save yourself some money and don't get the kind in the jar. Instead, but the Karl Buddig brand of beef lunch meat at the grocery store. It is the cheapy stuff but it works awesome for this recipe.

1. Spread cream cheese onto dried beef then wrap around the pickle. Slice into bite-sized pieces.


DC said...

Thank you for the recipes - nothing I love better than shortbread! Trashy wrapped pickles?!! I've never heard of those, but I'll bet they are good!

Hope you will come visit me at my place!


Latebo said...

I make these with thick sliced deli ham, cream cheese, pickles and lawry's seasoning salt. Soooo good!

Anonymous said...

i ate a whole bunch of these once at a wedding shower in high school and drank a bunch of beer and now i cant even look at them