Baby names and birth annoucements

First off, to answer Carrisa's comment, I will share the baby name probably when the baby is actually born -- but so far we have NOT picked out a name. Or to clarify, I have not decided on the name. I'm having such a hard time! My main problem is I can't find a middle name to work with the name I really like. So I start looking for other names to be used as a first name instead, and the cycles continues. Very frustrating. Also keep in mind that we had our pug puppy for about 2 weeks before I could decide on a name, so really, this isn't too surprising.

I found some baby annoucements that I love, but the only thing is they are pretty expensive. So I may go the cheapo route. But for the sake of recording what I really wanted, here they are:

I can't wait to meet her! Squee!


Deborah said...

Those are super cute. There is a range of scrapbook paper that is very very similar. You could make your own ahead of time and just add the text and photo after the birth. Just print out the text in a cute font and matte onto cardstock you already have cut and voila! Save you lots of money! ;-) The paper is The Book Shelf Range by American Crafts, and apart from a little less pastel tones, could actually BE the design on those announcements.

How are you feeling? I remember how much that last month or so sucked! ;-) You spend 6 months being terrified of labour and eventually you're like I don't care how much it hurts... get it out! ;-)

Carrisa said...

Love the new look. A lot. Oh and the name Riley is really cute. You could always throw that one into the mix.

Anonymous said...

If I had a girl I'd have named her Analise.

Waylon & Willie - the Boston Terrier brothers said...

I love those! I went the VERY cheap route - I had them done at...Wal Mart... I had 50 photo cards printed up in an HOUR for $20 bucks.
I also wanted to share w/ you a very cool baby book I just ordered off of - it is called Baby Unique Moments: A record book by David Ellwand

Carey said...

You don't know who I am, but I stumbled on your blog a couple of weeks ago. I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant and was looking for some neat custom birth announcements for when my son is born. I found this lady on ebay named Jennifer who has a company called Happily Ever After Designs. She can design a custom birth announcement for you, probably exactly like the one on your blog, for an extremely reasonable price. I emailed her a picture of my son's nursery fabric and she was able to incorporate all the colors into a design for me. Anyway, just a little info from one prego to another. I enjoy your blog.