Baby Shower Rundown!

The baby shower was held in Kansas City, KS, which was a HOT place to be. I think we were experiencing at least 100 degree weather that day, plus high humidity. I made pretty much everything from the menu the day of the shower and managed to show up about 20 minutes late because there were still some food items to get ready at the last minute.

The clubhouse where we had the shower was decorated very sweetly and simply. Pink table clothes, a banner reading "It's a girl!" and some balloons and streamers hanging from the ceiling.

There was SO MUCH FOOD! There were tables set up across the length of room and they were FILLED with food! I couldn't believe we made that much.

We had invited about 25 people, men and women, and I think about 15-20 actually showed up. I was bracing myself incase NO ONE showed up, lol, but my husbands family is usually really good about attending family events. None of my family attended, but that was okay. I really only wanted my sister to come, but I totally understood that she couldn't make it (living far away in TX), so it was no biggie for me.

Right off the bat everyone ate, and ate, and ate. Everything tasted so great, it was hard not to pig out! After we finished up gorging ourselves, it was present opening time. We got a few things off of our registry, a few gift cards, and a few random gifts that were pretty awesome. My husbands cousin who had a baby just a few weeks ago packed a giant gift basket full of things that weren't on my registry that she thought were absolute necessities, which I appreciated very much.

My husbands family is very friendly and chatty, so we all hung out and talked in small groups for a few hours, then around 5pm everyone headed home.

You may notice that I never mentioned any baby shower games -- Well, I hate them! That was the one thing that I made clear right off the bat, NO GAMES! We had a great time just hanging out, eating, drinking beers on a hot hot day (for those that could drink, lol) and enjoying each others company.

The day after the shower we headed to Target in Kansas City (There is no target where I live now!) and bought a TON of stuff. All necessities, but still, a ton! It was a lot of fun to just throw things in the cart. We've been on such a tight budget the last few months and it was a blast to be able to put what we needed in the cart and just buy it.

Here are a few of the fun things we have either bought on our own, or received at the baby shower. I have bought most of my baby things half price off of ebay or to cut down on insane baby costs.
We still have the big items to buy. One - a family car! We are going to have to find a cheap used car, pronto. I refuse to finance another car in my life (Hello Dave Ramsey!) so we are going to look around Wichita for a car to buy. Besides that, we need a stroller, a car seat and base, and a play pen. Luckily a family friend is going to let us use her crib and bassinet since her daughter has outgrown them. That will save a ton of money. The only thing is we wont get them until the end of August, so let's hope that the baby doesn't come early!

I am officially 8 1/2 months along now with 6 more weeks to go. The nursery still has a lot of work to be done in it. Eek! I'm not ready! :)


AM said...

Thanks for the big recap! Sounds like a huge success. THat is AWESOME that so many people showed up. That's really great! I cant believe your baby is almost here. Im sure it seems like a long time for you, but its just gone by so quick it seems!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Does your hospital give you any freebies? I know quite a few hospitals here in L.A. that give diaper bags and a car seat when you have your baby. Car seats are so expensive!

Barbara said...

Glad you had a nice turnout for the shower! It's hard to believe you're almost at your due date. I still remember reading your very sweet post when you first found out you were pregnant.

By the way, do you have a name picked out yet? (I may want to personalize a certain thing I'm cross stitching...hint, hint) :)

***Willow, Belle & Old Man Turbo's Mom*** said...

SO exciting.....I loved my baby showers...that is when it all came to me..that this was really happening! I would sit in the nursery at night alone and fantasize about Baby as I looked over the crib, holding the tiny clothes trying to imagine what it is really going to be like. I am so excited for you!

Did you get my e-mail in your Hot mail account??

Rebecca said...

It sounds like a great shower! I agree on the no game thing. Especially with so many people. Can I offer a suggestion? In regards to the car seat you may want to get one of those that grow with the baby from infant to booster seat. That way you're only buying one seat. The downside is not having the carrier when they are an infant. With my son I think I had a carrier in the back of the car to use while shopping but didn't need it at other times. A friend gave me an infant seat when my daughter was born so I used it but only for a few months and now she's in the grow with her type. Good luck with the rest of your planning!

Carrisa said...

so when are you gonna tell us what name you have picked out for baby?

Deborah said...

Sounds fantastic! So glad you had the day you deserve!!!

Waylon & Willie - the Boston Terrier brothers said...

Your shower sounds like it was awesome - especially the food. My little Lauren is 8 weeks... time has flown by... she has her 2 month shots tomorrow :(
I am so excited for you! I love my Diaper genie and we use the bouncy seat everyday..she loves it. My biggest purchase was a stroller travel system - I bought a Graco where the car seat is up to 30 lbs and the stroller I think 50 lbs.. I figure we could get our money's worth out of it!