Just a few bullets.

  • Bloglines is wacked! My apologies to my bloglines subscribers. For some unknown reason my old posts are constantly showing up as having been updated. Anyone know why this happens?? It drives me nuts.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions have started! I've been getting them every day, off and on, for the last few days. They aren't painful really...just uncomfortable.
  • I've added a "Status" feature to my sidebar that is inspired (or you could say, stolen) by Ari from Baking and Books. Check the top right sidebar for a daily update on what I am up to, what I am cooking, and perhaps, what movie star I've run off with in my crazy pregnancy dreams. The night before last it was Vin Diesel. Last night it was Charlie Hunnam. Oh and in all my dreams where I'm running off with them, I'm totally 9 months pregnant. Dream slut!
  • I'm trying really hard to make it through the first season of Twin Peaks. Oh the drama! All I can say is thank God for Kyle MacLachlan . His quirky butt makes the show bearable to watch.


victoria winters said...

Can you please describe braxton to me? I dont' know if i'm having them or not.

Anonymous said...

from this website (http://parenting.ivillage.com/pregnancy/plabor/0,,midwife_3p54,00.html), here is a good description:

The uterus, for reasons we only guess at, contracts and relaxes even when we are not pregnant. During pregnancy, these contractions become more apparent. They feel like the abdomen is stretching and becoming taut, and you can actually feel that the uterus is more firm than it would be at rest.

victoria winters said...


Thanks. I've been having hardening of my right side only for a few weeks - so I don't know if it's just her butt/back or what. I'll ask my midwife next week.

Keely said...

Wow other people's pregnancies go by so fast for me. ;) Thinking of you!

Patricia Scarpin said...

He's so charming - and how about the cherry pie he keeps eating? Perfect combo! :)