10 days to go...where the hell is this nesting instinct when I need it?!

Well peeps, 10 days until the estimated due date of my little girl. I am getting anxious!

I have my weekly appointment tomorrow morning but as far as I know, they aren't planning on checking to see if I'm dilated or effaced. I sure would like to know! I've had a few braxton hicks contractions the last week, some cramping in my lower back, but nothing too painful. I can definitely tell a difference in her weight when I am in my recliner at night (where I've been forced to sleep for quite a while now) and she feels HEAVY.

The question is, will I get desperate enough to try to get labor started? You know, DTD. (Do the Deed) All I can say is I've never felt this clumsy and ridiculous in all my life. So only time will tell on that one. Heh.

On a side note, women drive me crazy. A gal who works with my husband was grilling him on the heartbeat rate, how low or high I was carrying, etc. In her "official" opinion, we're probably having a BOY, not a girl. Apparently in her pregnancy she had a higher heartbeat with her daughter, and carried high. Since my girl has a lower heartbeat, that means I'm having a boy. Uh, lady? STFU! I can't stand people like that. All those types of comments accomplish is to worry the expectant mom. So shut it!

Oh, and "nesting." Where are you nesting instinct? Why have you decided to not show up? Arg. I'd love to have some motivation to get things perfectly ready, but yeah, my feet are so swollen and my back hurts, so I sit in front of the computer or in the recliner all day long. Come on already nesting! Show up!

That is all for now. I hope the next two weeks go by fast.


Just Beachy said...

ewwwy, I am so excited for you! I dislike people like that as well, especially when they give misinformation....a higher heart rate usually means a boy..(sorry....lol) - anyway, forget the nesting and rest...lots and lots of rest, you will need it in those first few (read 18 years) of life...hee.

Peabody said...

It will kick in when you need it.

Carey said...

That lady who works with your husband is an idiot. Everyone's pregnancy experience is unique, everyone carries differently, heartrates are different, etc. etc. Tell your husband to tell her to shut up.
Just had my baby on Wednesday the 12th (had a C-section after 11 hours of labor, he was too big and never dropped/engaged) and he's everything we hoped for and more! Here's how I've changed since we got home from the hospital on Saturday, MAYBE you will have the same experience. Then again, maybe you won't. After all, we're NOT the same! Again, that lady is totally whack.

-I hardly did jack all summer. Hardly cooked, barely cleaned, slept until noon every day and took two hour naps later in the day. Barely ever left the house. Never even got to the nesting stage. You know what? I'm glad I took it easy, because now I feel good and rested and able to take good care of my little man. And the nesting phase has kicked in, I can't stand all the clutter that keeps accumulating and I'm really doing a great job keeping up with laundry and dishes. Doing 1-2 loads of laundry every day.

-I've never been much of a schedule/routine-follower, list-maker, or multi-tasker. All of that changed as soon as I got home. We have him on the 3-hour eat/wake/sleep schedule and it's a blessing.

-I love this baby so much that getting just 5 hours of sleep every day is no big deal, so long as he's safe and fed and comfortable.

Anyway, those are just a couple things I've noticed. Take it easy and get your rest, things will fall into place when they need to. Good thoughts and blessings to you.

anna said...

I'm so ENVIOUS... I've got another month to go, and I feel like I've been pregnant forever (and actually, I have - I miscarried, had a month recovery, and got pregnant again, so I've been pregnant almost 12 months, now!)

Your nesting instinct? I got it. I've been busting hiney all summer - 47 miles on a bike this summer, five camping trips (with three small children in tow!), building rabbit hutches and laying gravel and digging garden beds... Today I get down and make curtains on the living room floor off a HUGE roll of industrial (furniture) material for our new camper. And that's not including the REST of my to-do list... it's an entire college rule sheet of paper, filled top to bottom, double columned. LoL!!

But seriously... I've carried two girls and three boys - the heartbeat isn't much different for the two. It all depends on the genes involved - my boys' were as fast as my girl's heartbeat. So you can't go on that.

Nesting (official nesting, that is) often doesn't kick in until a few days before the baby comes. With Lydia, it was three days before my water burst.

((NOTE! Get an old shower curtain and put it between your mattress and sheets - it will save your mattress from soaking up amniotic fluid. Twice my water broke in the night in bed, and there's a smell that'll go down into your mattress and not come out.))

Also, sex is *supposed* to move it along, but it never did with me. Nipple stimulation works WAY better (and you'll be SHOCKED at how your uterus will tighten back up as if it's connected to your breasts when you nurse afterwards!)...

Also walking. You want to have that baby? Walk. The tighter you get, the more you walk. I HATE that the hospitals tend to shove you down on a bed to 'wait' for things to progress. They should know better - your body's movements are what helps, not just vegging on a triage bed!

Keep us posted, though, k?!!

AM said...

Wow, I cant beleive the time is almost here! Beleive me, they will check you for dilation etc when you least expect it. :)

How does your husband like his job?