Cruising Etsy while desperately broke is hazardous to your health.

You are liable to see this quilt and bib for a baby girl and squee all over yourself.

Man, some people are so talented, it makes me sick sometimes!

And to think, my brand new sewing machine still sits in its box after it was bought, oh about 2 years ago. For shame!

I hope someone lovely buys this since I can't. *Sob*


Amanda said...

That is so cute! I've had to stay well clear of shops (both online and off) during my broke period because I just know I won't be able to resist - I'm not that strong!!

Peabody said... cute is that!!!!
Yes, shopping is a no-no for us right now too. Soooooo hard to do.

Culinarily Obsessed said...

That is really cute! I saw it on Etsy the other day too. I have a baby shower coming up and my friend just found out she's having a girl. This might be the perfect gift!

Domestic Chicky said...

That is TOO adorable! Why can't they make mommy-sized blankets cute like that?