Monthly Letters: Month One

Good Lord child. What can I say other than we made it through the first month! I've never had such a hard job in my life. I mean, I worked at Orange Julius for something like $6.00/hr that summer when I was 17, and this is SO much harder.

I had no idea that you could cry so much. Hours and hours of inconsolable crying. We change you, feed you, burp you, swing you, bounce you, sing to you, swaddle you, and your little lungs just take a deep breath and wail even louder. SUP with that little girl??

I came to the realization this month that I really don't know any nursery rhymes to sing to you. This has lead to some really interesting songs that I sing with gusto, in hopes distract you long enough that you'll forget what you were crying about.

I sing this "Milkshake" song when I feed you, which is incredibly embarrassing. Or this song, except instead of singing "Fergalicious" I say "She's Chunkalicious" and then I tend to mumble the rest of the song 'cause Lord only knows what Fergie is saying.

Oh and perhaps the most embarrassing of all is the German nursery rhyme that I remember from my foreign language class in high school. It is about a little chickadee that is leaving his mothers nest, and the mother is very, very upset. But little chickadee puts on his travelling hat, and he is looking GOOD (Sehr gut!) and leaves his momma anyways. I often run out of breath and nearly pass out singing that song. Those Germans can sure string together a long sentence!

You were weighed a few days ago and my little/big chunky baby is up to 10lbs 10 ounces. That means you've gained well over a pound since we brought you home at 9lbs 5 ounces. Way to eat girl! Since you are such a girthy little gal, does this mean you will start sleeping longer at night? The books say so, but what do books know.

This month was filled with a lot of emotional breakdowns. I think either myself or your dad have one every other day. You have the attitude that if you are crying, EVERYONE MUST CRY. It is cool though. We are slowly getting use to the crying and are looking forward to the time when we are only being emotionally crushed every 3 or 4 days.

While I was feeding you this morning you smiled at me, twice. Not the sleep smiles you do all the time, with your zombie eyes rolling around in your head, but REAL smiles. You looked at me, I smiled at you, I said "Good morning sweet little girl!" and you smiled. UGH. I almost cried. You see? You are toughening me up. Normally I'd blubber. After a month at the hands of Commandant Violet, I can hold myself together.

I can't wait for you to get bigger. I look forward to the day when we can cook in the kitchen together. When you can ride the pug and terrorize him with glee. When we can go to the zoo or the library and have fun together. At the same time, PLEASE CHILD, don't grow up! Stay this small forever. Or, if you do have to grow up, just let me rock you to sleep and cradle you to my chest every night, at least until you are 16, okay?





missynplt said...

This is probably one of my favorite posts ever. I kept an old school journal with letters such as this for my daughter (who is now 16). I would have loved to be able to keep an on-line journal.

Annie said...

This made me cry!

Isn't being a mommy the BEST feeling in the world?

Barbara said...

That was so sweet! Violet will cherish these letters when she's grown up.

Kate W. said...

Ohh.. but those cheeks! I just want to eat them! She is such a cute baby!

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet! I agree on the cheek comment.

Mary D in Texas

Keely said...

Happy one month! This was lovely to read. Hugs!

Audrey said...

Could you please have a warning abt needing tissues at the beginning of your posts? ;-) I swear you have some of the most touching posts.

On a side note, I'm glad things are getting better. *hugs*

***Willow, Belle & Old Man Turbo's Mom*** said...

Oh you are too cute...I love the song choices.
You should print these out as you go along with the Monthly notes...I bet "V" would love to read them when she is older....

natalie said...

Be careful what you wish for....I said the same thing, and before I knew it, my baby boy was turning 18, and graduating from high school!!! Yikes!

victoria winters said...

Okay, I'm SO glad I came to read your blog again today! I totally feel the SAME way about Claire. On the one hand I'm like, "Don't grow! You're so cute and small!", but on the other hand I'm all, "PLEASE grow so you can self-soothe and be more independent!"

A mom can't decide! ;0)