She likes the night life. She likes to boogey.

Holy cow. I had no idea how hard it was to get simple tasks accomplished with a newborn at your side! I even have my husband at home with me and we both feel like very little gets done beyond changing diapers and filling bottles. I suspect that that is normal and I wont worry much about it though.

Violet certainly is a night owl. She sleeps most of the day away, absolutely content, but come about 9 or 10pm she is fussy as all get out. She wont sleep in her bassinet, so the night consists of my husband and I taking turns sleeping in a recliner with her. Somewhere from 3am to 5am we can put her in her bassinet and finally get some sleep for a few hours. It makes for long nights.

I managed to make dinner last night. What an accomplishment! Hamburger Helper, oh yes. Heh. I also had no idea that it would be so hard to remember to do the simple things, like eat at least one or two meals a day.

Violet got her first bath at home last night. I think she looks awfully adorable and I love the expression on her face:

Recovery from the c-section seems to be going pretty well. Besides the normal pain from the surgery, I got a bladder infection from the catheter and I pinched a nerve in my back which has rendered me kinda useless when it comes to caring for the little girl. I can't bend over to change her, carry her around to soothe her when she just stinks. I'm just about out of pain killers as well, so I am not looking forward to the next few days. Violet and I go into the surgeons office tomorrow to check my incision and to check her weight, so I am going to ask about getting a refill on the drugs. I really hope he says yes.

I'm not physically able to breastfeed, which is a long story I don't want to get into. I did try to make it work, but it just was not happening. Not even in the least little bit. Having to see and hear her scream because she was hungry was too much for me -- I was not going to wait it out any longer and hope that it would work. I wanted her to be nourished, and if that meant formula, so be it. I knew before I got pregnant that the possibly of breast feeding was very slim, so I'm trying to take it all in stride.

I am hoping to get out baby announcements today or tomorrow, which has been my main project since I got home from the hospital. Where or where does the time go? It seems like I've been working on them for weeks.

There isn't a whole lot going on that isn't baby related. Someday I'll get back to posting about food and ugly dogs and what not, but for a bit I expect this blog to be mostly baby centered. Apologies to those that aren't a fan of baby blogs. I just can't help myself!


Domestic Chicky said...

How can you NOT help it with a subject as adorable as that? I have tons of stuff that worked for me with the boys, but sometimes just letting them find their own rhythm in the beginning works as well...xoxo

Keely said...

You rock (of course you do!) with cooking any dinner at all so soon. I now feel lazy, but I aspire to be as awesome in the kitchen as you are. :)

anna said...

You're supposed to take it easy - don't worry about us, we'll be here. So will the dishes be. LoL!!

Out of curiosity, did you send the baby to the nursery at night when you were in the hospital? I found with Lydia (my first) that her schedule was SOOO backwards upon coming home because I'd done that - they talked me into it because "I needed the rest".

The truth of the matter is that the women working the night shift are bored out of their skulls and wanted babies to play with and occupy them. They'd keep them up (in a well-lit room where they were working) while I was resting, and Lydia's day and night was immediately screwed up.

With Isaac and Ethan, I was considered the 'obsessive/compulsive' mom - the boys didn't SEE the nursery unless some sort of sample or test had to be done, and the nurses had 20 minutes before I came looking for my baby. Sure, it's easier to ship 'em out and get caught up after the birth for those 2 days in the hospital, but it's MISERY trying to alter the schedule of being up all night with nurses that quickly is adapted by a floundering little baby.

Ethan and Isaac were MUCH easier to handle than Lydia's off-schedule was, because I kept it dark in my room at night and made minimal noise and made feedings fast. During the day I kept them up more, kept the room bright, and fed them more often... and they adapted to that far faster and better.

Babies are great about being coaxed into a schedule. Two hours between feedings during the day and pushing them further and further apart at night over the first few months works best, but be sure to gauge yourself to Violet's needs.

Hang in there, mommy - she'll settle in. ((wink!)) And don't mind the chicka with WAYYYY too much advice and uber-long comments... she's just gearing up for the wee bairn coming my way in... oooh, about 17 days or so...

AM said...

Violet is really blossoming. She's lost that "just born" look and it looking like a curious little creature.

Yes, I remember how hard the remembering to eat thing was! lol.

***Willow, Belle & Old Man Turbo's Mom*** said...

OMG right now I don't care about the food all I want is to see that sweet face! heck Hamburger Helper? Y not? some days that is the best tasting dinner over some of the dishes I make slaving over the stove for hours! every once in a while I buy a box if that and the family begs me to buy it more often. ( LOL )
Give my Blog niece a hug and kiss from me!

natalie said...

Congrats! She is just beautiful!!
I had 26 hours of labor, and so I know how you doc was having the ER set up, and when he returned, my son decided to cooperate, "and come on down"!! It has been 18 years, and I barely remember it! hee hee! Although I do use "I was in labor for 26 hours" as blackmail sometimes!
I couldn't breastfeed either, I tried, but my son wasn't getting enough, and wanted to eat every hour on the hour. And since I wanted to sleep sometime, I just had to stop......The nurses really tried to make me feel bad for stopping...better for the baby, and all that....but a bitchy, sleep deprived mama isn't good either. So hopefully people won't make you feel bad for not doing it.
Also, I discovered that some formulas irritated my son, and made him soon as I found the right one, he started sleeping through the night. (at about 6 weeks) O.K., so by through the night I mean 11 pm to 5 am!) Still, that was pretty good.

Leah said...

She is absolutely beautiful--she looks so serene and peaceful after her bath. Love the pictures!

Laura said...

Three things:

1) When you are postpartum EVERYTHING you do is A-OK!
2) Take all advice (and there will be much it) with a grain of salt.
3) When you are postpartum EVERYTHING you do is A-OK.

Waylon & Willie - the Boston Terrier brothers said...

That brings back memories of my 1st few weeks with Lauren in June. She would not sleep in the cradle, only on me in the glider. Very long nights, but it is sooo worth it. I used to cook everyday - now maybe 2 times a week and usually I will start it and hubby will finish it.
My Dr did give a refill for the pain meds.. you should get it. :)
Thanks for your updates.

Keriann said...

Bottle feeding is not the worst thing in the world-out of my 4 I nursed 2 and bottle fed 2. They all turned out fine :) The sleep thing will work itself out within a month or so. Oh, and more Violet pics!!

Carey said...

Viva la Hamburger Helper and Chef Boyardee in a can, baby! Great post title, by the way. Congratulations on maintaining your sense of humor and creativity during this exhausting time.