Monthly Letters: Month Two

Month Two bites the dust! Things got worse before they got better. I'm happy to say that after changing your formula and getting you on some medicine for acid reflux, you are truly a new, happier, baby.

What you are doing with your hands here is what I affectionately call "Mouse Paws." You look like you are going to beg for some cheese any moment.

You are growing out of your clothes at an alarming rate. I bought this cute lavender thermal pj set for you at the beginning of the month. It was sized for a 6 month old. It was too tight about a week later. Lesson learned!

You smile much more often now. It melts my heart. The best way that I can get you to smile is to squeeze your buns and thighs while singing "I tickle the buns, I tickle the buns" in a very low, deep voice, then switching to a high pitched cutesy voice. You just love that.

Your dad seems to have issues with putting you in your bassinet after you fall asleep. You see, he falls asleep right along with you and I'm starting to worry that he is creating a monster. A chubby cheeked, blue eyed little chunky butt monster.

I'm ashamed to tell you the most recent songs I've turned into nursery rhymes. For instance, I often call you a Squawk Box due to your love of making funny noises. This song by Justin Timberlake (NSFW) (which you aren't allowed to listen to until you are 18) has been subsequently been changed to say this:

1: Cut a hole in a box
2: Put your Squawk in that box
3: Make her open the box
And that's the way you do it
She's a squawk in a box... a squawk in a box babe
She's a squawk in a box, a squawk in a box girl

If I call you my squawk in a box in the future, please forgive me.

You are quickly becoming a pro at holding your head up on your own.

Most of the time anyways. Here you are displaying your bobble head technique.

Your hair is a huge source of delight to me. You are totally rocking your inner punk with this mohawk. No matter what I do, your hair tweaks up into an Ace Ventura sort of 'do.

There have been lots of changes in the last month. You grew two inches, putting you at 23 1/2 inches long. You are up to 12lbs 14 ounces. You are finally able to tolerate your vibrating chair, your swing, and are able to hold your pacifier in your mouth for more than 2 seconds at a time.

Month three is going to be very interesting. As I write this we are in the process of switching you back to normal formula to see if you can tolerate it yet, and trying to get you to sleep at night, because HELLO, this being up until 6 or 7 am every morning is just INSANE, even if you are just a little baby.




Lisa said...

She is growing so quickly and completely precious!

Cate said...

It's amazing how much they change month to month, isn't it?

Barbara said...

Happy 2 month birthday little Violet!