Not so fast!

There is gonna be a slight delay in getting back to blogging as all 3 of us are sick with the flu. Oi!

The first time your baby is sick is so scary. It seems as though she is only congested right now...and I'm hoping and praying it doesn't get much worse for her. Her dad and I have been pretty sick the last few days with all sorts of gross symptoms.

Besides having a cold, little Violet has her days and nights all messed up. Last night, or shall I say this morning she was up until 6:30 am. Precious child, I don't deal well with those kinds of hours!

Any advice on getting young babies switched to sleeping at night?


AM said...

Things I've heard but didnt necessarily work for me but might work for you:

feed her more often during the day so she needs less nourishment at night. Dont let her nap too long during the day, keep her entertained. Get a good solid bedtime routine going so she understands it is nearing bedtime (book, bath etc) I think the bedtime routine is what worked best for us.

so NOT cool said...

When X was a baby, we picked a time (for us it was late afternoon, but others may choose 7 pm) and we would NOT let her fall asleep after that (as much as reasonably possible). Everytime that she'd start to doze off, we'd wake her up. It did help us to get more sleep at night and after a few weeks, she seemed to naturally adjust to those hours.

Good luck!

Laura T said...

Also I heard that if you feed or change her at night don't turn on a light or talk to her at all. If you stimulate her in any way it will just wake her up more. Just go in using a night light, do what you have to do and get out!

Lisa said...

Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

What Laura T. said. Very little light and very litte interaction at night. During the day, make an effort to be much more stimulting and have her nap in sunlight.

Dr. Marc Weisbluth's book- Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child is a lifesaver. Good luck!