The best way to mix powdered formula without using a blender.

Items needed:
Mixing bowl with pouring spout
1/4 cup measurement
Water jug, with ounces listed on the side

It takes about 60 seconds to make a batch of formula. Start by measuring out the specified amount of water (For me it is 23 ounces), then add powdered formula (I add one cup). Add 1/4 cup of formula at a time, whisking vigorously for about 10 seconds after each addition. Pour into water jug and store in fridge. Ta-da! This method works great for me as there are NO clumps in the end result.

AM asked a few months ago to see pictures of where we had moved to. I haven't gotten that done yet, but here is a peek at the microwave and oven combo. This place is outdated, but it works.


AM said...

Hey, it works and its a home that's all that matters.

My Boaz's Ruth said...

Note we store our formula in a bottle like your water bottle. Pour the water in. Measure the formula in (using a funnel) Cap the bottle and shake. It mixes real well. Then let sit in the refrigerator until needed to make bottles.