Monthly Newsletters: Month Four

Baby girl,

Happy four months!! You have grown SO MUCH in the last month. I've decided to start counting your 'months' like normal people insted of by weeks, so this month's letter comes a little later than usual.

I am busily trying to get pictures of you in all your fancy outfits while they still fit. All of your dresses that were sized for 6 months just barely fit, so it's a quite change in and a quick change out of them before you get uncomfortable.

We are finally out of the colic stage.


You are able to sit in your Svan highchair that your blog-auntie Gen gave you. Say "Thank You!" cause that was a really nice gift from her. She thought she might adopt a baby but instead she adopted a teenager who might not appreciate having to sit in a toddler chair. Thanks again Aunti Gen!!!

Your fencing pose reflex is just about gone. Another sign that the newborn phase is wearing off. ::Sniff::

You still dislike "Tummy time," but with the aid of a pillow you will tolerate it for a good 30 seconds before having a meltdown.

You just get prettier and prettier each passing day.

I go back and forth between wondering if you look more like me or your dad. 99% of the time you look like him, and every once in a while you remind me of me.

There are so many cooler clothes beyond the newborn stage. You love chillin' in your purple Adidas outfits.

How could I resist a cupcake t-shirt? With matching cupcake hair clips, bows, sparkle pants, hat and sweater? THAT will make a cute picture once you can fit into all of them.

The baby books said that the fourth month would be fun. You'd most likely be happier, sleep longer, smile and laugh. You did all of those things and more. I cannot begin to tell you how much I cherish being able to spend each day with you.

A funny thing happens towards the end of each day. Just when I feel like I'm too exhausted, too cranky, too sore, and I hand you off to your Pops and take a bath, I come back a half hour later with a very distinct feeling that I missed you while I was gone.

You are my best friend little girl. When you are happy, I'm happy. When you cry, my heart breaks. I absolutely love you no matter what, for ever and ever.




She sure is strange! said...

Oh My Gosh, LOOK at that sweet belly!!! It is begging for a raspberry treatment!LOL


♥PugPosse♥ said...

aww. What a sweet Blog niece I have! She is such a Love! Today I had your song you sing to her in my funny!

Amanda said...

Oh wow you have some fantastic pictures of her - she is such a darling!!

Audrey said...

She´s such a sweetie :)

AM said...

oh my goodness, look at that little baby belly! I love it! I just want to blow raspberries on it!

Laura said...

She's pure sugar baby. I love the one of her on the green pillow. That's the same look the boys give me when they want cookies. ;)

Barbara said...

She is the sweetest and best dressed baby evah!

Cate said...

Love the belly pic!

divabunny said...

omg!!! that photo of her on the green pillow is a postcard!!!