Monthly Newsletters: Month Three

Month three bites the dust!

All the time you are growing up. Smiling more, crying a little bit less. You are an absolute joy to spend my days with.

You are fitting into your 9 month and 12 month clothing. What is UP with the way they size baby clothes? Or are you just a giant chunker and I am in denial?

No. It must be the way they size the clothing. You will learn that the sizing standards in the clothing industry are cruel and ridiculous when you are older.

You started sleeping through the night. Oh thank the Lord. Your longest stretch has been 8-9 hours straight. You ROCK little girl. Oh, I'm still chugging coffee and diet Pepsi, don't get me wrong.

You wore your first of many fancy little dresses. We learned that you really dislike headbands and hats of any kind. They must cramp your style.

You smiled big at your pug Stewie for the first time. Notice Letta at the bottom of the monkey pile. She gets no respect. Poor old ugly thing!

You tried out your crib for the first time. You promptly took a nap. Good girl.

At the beginning of the month you got your first shots. We had a 3 hour trip home after seeing your doctor and you slept like a champ the whole time. Thank you for that.

You found your feet at the end of the month. You are a girl on a mission. Whenever I am trying to feed you, change you, diaper your squishy little butt, you are GRABBING your shins trying oh so hard to reach your feets.

You are so, so beautiful.

Month three was wonderful. We finally get to see little snippets of your personality now that we are almost over the colic stage. You give momma the biggest smiles, the loudest squeaks. You are so happy. I prayed the entire time I was pregnant with you that you could remain innocent and happy for as long as humanly possible in your life. I am so lucky to be able to be a part of your happiness.




Lisa said...

Oh, that was so sweet. Thanks for reminding me how little my toddlers and big kids once were. Such a precious, precious time.

PS- I hate headbands and hats, too.

C'tina said...

She is sumthin' else! and yes I found the age of clothes is how old they are when they grow out of them and can no longer fit....

Leah said...

So cute! And I love the KU outfit. My sister is a student there!

Keely said...

Aw, Happy 3 months, Violet! She is ADORABLE!

Lisa said...

Wow, how time is flying. She is so adorable, just want to snuggle for awhile. Enjoy this wonderful time.

Peabody said...

Such a cutie.

AM said...

So so adorable. I love the picture of her in the crib with her little arms up next to her head. Real relaxation there. And you are so very lucky she is sleeping those good stretches at 3 months! I think Emma was 7 months when that happened.

I also love the picture with your pug! NEED MORE OF THOSE. PLease. :)

She sure is strange! said...

WHAT a sweetie!!! Oh, if I wasn't turning 40 in a few weeks I'd so love to have another baby! Thanks for sharing yours, she is awesome!!


Barbara said...

Your monthly letter are so sweet! Violet just gets more adorable everyday. And I love, love, love the picture with her, Stewie and Letta. All 3 of your little ones in bed together. Smooches to all three.

♥PugPosse♥ said...

Oh My Gosh! she is a LOVE! I remember you posting that apple dress while you were pregnant! Now she is wearing it. enjoy her your First Christmas with her..she sure is an angel!

LOVE your Christmas card! Thank you so much!

Claire said...

Oh that pretty red hair! I love it. She gettin' pretty cute. Love that smile.