Arg. I am so annoyed with incompetant doctors!

Before I start ranting, here are her stats:

4 months old - 15lbs 13 ounces, 26 1/4" tall. Just over 97th percentile for weight, and 97th percentile for height.

As you can see Violet was all ready to go to the doctor for her 4 month check up this morning. It was a week early, but she was running out of her Zantac and we needed to see this new doctor so it could be refilled. I had asked that she have her 4 month check up then, and they had said that would be fine.

We waited an hour to be seen and the doctor is in there for, oh, literally about 2 minutes tops, before she says "So you can come back next week for her 4 month check up because we can't do it a week early."


I was so flipping pissed. My husband had to take time off work to go with us and it was completely wasted waiting for this ditzy doctor.

We also find out that her previous doctor (or whomever worked in the office) only sent medical records for her first two weeks. WHAT GOOD are her medical records from her birth to two weeks old?! How about the records from birth to now?! DUMB PEOPLE!

So after my new doctor can see how visibly pissed off we are, she tries to make it our fault that they scheduled us to come in a week early. She said that the receptionist wouldn't have known that the baby couldn't be seen a week early. Excuse me? I disagree. How about training your employees properly instead of blaming me.

Then, what REALLY made me angry was this. I found out just recently that other mom's with babies on Zantac had their dosages increased according to their weight. My old doctor NEVER upped her dosage. She was prescribed Zantac at 6 weeks old, and it NEVER was increased!


So this new doctor reconfigured her prescription based on weight, and her dosage QUADRUPLED. It makes me so angry that my baby girl wasn't getting anywhere near the amount of medicine she needed. GAH!

I am going to be raising some hell on the phone today. UGH. Needless to say we are never going back to this new doctor. She has some nerve to try to blame me for a mistake that was made by her receptionist. And come on -- can't you just do her 4 month check up a few days early? Would it really kill ya? No, instead she tells us that she'll see us next week. Yah right!

I got Violet's new prescription and I am going to get it filled today and then never go back. DUMB DOCTORS.


AM said...

Good for you for going to find a different doctor! In theory, Violet's pediatrican could be her doctor for a very long time, and you want a good one and have a good relationship with them.

That rule about having to wait until their birthdate or after for check ups is SO SILLY, but I think it must be a law or something because every doctor around here is like that too. BUT, they told you it would be ok!! So I would be mega pissed too. Esepcailly because well-baby check up appts are usually free (with insurance_) but appts to up medicine you have to pay a copay for. So I like to get it all done at a well-baby visit if I can!

Anonymous said...

yeah exactly -- i think they might have just wanted to milk violets insurance for more $$ by doing this. and they DID say it was fine to have it a week early. punks. :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, your insurance will not pay for a 4 month well check before her 4 month birthday.

I'm glad you are switching because a good relationship with a pediatrician is so important. You have to have trust and comfort with someone you hopefully will be seeing for the next 18 years.

Dooneybug said...

I know how upset you must have been. When I showed up for my daughter's 4 month appointment I was told that the doctor wasn't there that day. Then why the hell did you schedule the appointment? Or at the very least call me to reschedule if something came up? Argh.

Beyond insurance reasons, it's also not ok for a baby to get their vaccination's before the guidelines. I totally agree with you though, the scheduler should have known better.

Claire said...

I am SO sorry that you had a bad experience with the doctor. The person who scheduled the appt should have checked the date and made sure an early one was okay...obviously she didn't. However, the shot schedule is very rigid and you can't do them early. IMO, they should have done the exam today and then had you come back for shots only at the next charge (for the visit). Billing is really ticky.

I hope you find a pediatrician that you just LOVE! Hopefully, I'll be that for families one day soon.

Claire said...

BTW, Violet is apparently growing JUST PERFECTLY!!!! with those matching percents!!! Who cares what her clothes say. I just love growth charts...I guess that means I'm going toward the right field. :-)

divabunny said...

gooooosh.... i love that pic of your little angel! so sorryto hear abt the horrible experience at the doc today, but i totally agree with everyone that you should switch peds... very very important r/ship!

one thing though... i was a pharmaeutical rep for many years... was violet doing okay on the lower dose of zantac? if she was doing okay, then you may want to keep her on the lower dose... just a thought...

sunnie said...

first i have to say, your baby pic here is so adorable! what a cutie pie. and my pediatrician sucks too, hope that helps you feel better. my husband is about 3 weeks away from getting his RN degree so he notices all the crap our dr. does that isn't right. like for example, he listened to our LO's heart for literally 2 seconds, not enough time to hear if there is anything wrong. also the dr says when he leaves, "i'll have my nurse come in and give the immunizations." then he sends in his MEDICAL ASSISTANT. k, she may be qualified, but she is not a nurse, so don't call her that. the average person would think you are meaning what you say. so it makes me think, what else is he 'just saying' but isn't accurate. anyway, big deal that it was a few days early. i completely agree that his receptionist should have been held responsible. at least now you know if your dr. screws something up it won't be her fault, it'll be yours. good idea to change now. duh

Barbara said...

Ugh! How awful an experience that was. You'd think something like know that a baby couldn't come in before a certain date would be common knowledge to the nurses or the receptionist. Plus the time off from work for you hubby.

My doctor is a bit of a putz too. Two weeks ago, I called his office to have him send my physical therapist the perscription he needed so I could start my physical therapy on my neck injury. Everyone inlcuding my doc stressed how important it was to start it as soon as the specialist treating my neck said i was ready. Well....two weeks ok, I was told I could start.

Yesterday, the PT still hadn't heard from my doc. I called his office and the nurse says "Oh, the rx is still sitting on his desk." Uh, hello! Could he get his hiney over to the fax and send it to the PT? Nope, he wasn't in but she'd tell him to do it first thing Monday morning.

I hope so or I'll be raising some hell here as well.


Anonymous said...

lol ok everybody -- calm down now. :)

i never said i went there to get her immunizations done. in my experience, that happens at a totally different place (health dept.) at a different time.

this was just the check up. :) but i do understand NOW that they cant do the check up a week early. they should have told me that in the first place though. :)

Laura said...

I hate when people try to make their own mistakes your fault! If they can't even prescribe meds correctly, its definitely time for a new doctor entirely. Violet is soooo adorable!! I must come visit soon!

My Boaz's Ruth said...

Around here it is standard practice if you have something to discuss other than well baby checkup stuff, they either ask you to make another appointment, or put another code on the order and charge as if you had both a well baby and a standard checkup.