*Deep breath* -- Brace Yourselves!

Tomorrow is Delurking Day and I am giving you ample time to prepare.

I am too lazy to do a separate post tomorrow, so starting today I want a comment from each and every one of you. Even you people that read me through blog readers.

Do it an I will love you forever. If you don't, I can promise you that I won't bake you cookies.

Well, I might. But I won't be happy about it.

So introduce yourself. Tell me your favorite food. Or your favorite breed of dog. And if the answer isn't either a pug or a boston terrier, I might just slap you. Just kidding. Or am I?

As a side note, I have this song stuck in my head. I hate to admit that I just love it. Oh Lord. I just watched this and about had a heart attack. Apparently I am on crack today.


Anonymous said...

I am the crazy lady having triplets lol. I love food and food porn as you call it. My favorite dog breed is the yellow lab. Love your blog and love that your back to posting, we lost you for awhile after your beautiful daughter was born.

The Chatty Housewife- said...

Hello! Chatty here! I have no clue when I started reading your blog, but it feels like a long time. I like white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and my favorite type of dog is the Boxer.

Where does it say that tomorrow is the official day? I have always wanted to do this on my blog, but never knew what day it was.

Anonymous said...

Hiya! I'm Shannon, I do comment every once in a while. I usually read blogs on the fly and never have a chance to leave comments (or updated my own) Hmm...my favorite food? Well, this week it is Spinach Croissants, from this great little bakery in L.A. (there are pics on my page) Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I am the other Pug loving crazy chica. I have one pug (Willow) and her daughter, a Chug (River).

And my favourite recipe of yours is the mac n cheese and pastrami. Seriously girl, I have dreams about that stuff.

Kelli said...

I'm still here, still loving your writing, still admiring the pictures & videos of Violet, still not saying much. And still loving you! =)

Jen said...

Hey Girlie!
I have been reading...um...forever! I love beer and pizza, and beer and wings, and beer and ribs, and red wine and penne with vodka sauce with a thick slab of cheesecake...wow I am hungry! I have a black lab, Bella, who rocks and a job that allows me to surf online a lot, which is fun! Keep up the posting!

Dooneybug said...

Oh my lord, that banana was hilarious - especially running away as he deflated!

I don't comment nearly enough but I do read you all the time. I recently made those chewy chocolate chip cookies you posted a few weeks back and my husband loved them (and he's not a big chocolate person).

I think your daughter is so scrumptious. She makes my 4 1/2 month old look like a shrimp. :)

Anonymous said...

peanut butter jelly! peanut butter jelly!

I was laughing hysterically when that banana deflated.

Anonymous said...

latebo1979 -- LOL well I wouldn't have called you that crazy lady having triplets but you are that very brave lady having triplets. :) I had a black lab growing up named Muffin. She was the sweetest, most gentle dog. :) Labs are great.

chatty -- I do love boxers. Man they are strong and BIG! I had no idea till I saw one in person. I don't know if it is the same day every year, but I got an email from my friend AM and she said it was tomorrow and it was officially hosted by someone..I forget who?? I usually don't realize it myself till a few days after the fact. lol.

Shannon! Hey girl! Mmmm. spinach croissants. That sounds awesome.

Jiaaaa. Wassup. I fantasize about that mac and cheese every once in a while. i havent made it since that first time tho! What is wrong with me! *slaps face*

Kelli. I love you. I miss you. :)

jen! i love you too. ah this is fun. so much love!

dooneybug! how much does your little girl weigh?? and were you referring to the flat and chewies? now, i made them once here in kansas (as opposed to montana when i first made them) and here is KS they were very PUFFY! I was so upset. lol. how were they for you?

Robyn Jones said...

I have 4 kids, and we are working on #5....I like peanut butter cookies...and Chihuahuas...(I am already ducking..not into being slapped today...LOL!)

Anonymous said...

robyn - lol. chichi's, aka huahua's. I do like them too. good luck on getting knocked up lady! ;) I am very impressed with woman who have big families.

Keely said...

It feels like I've been reading you forever (and that's a good thing). You redesigned my blog for me. :) Yay! My favorite dogs are pugs and BT's - of course and my favorite food is sushi and anything spicy. Almost anything.

Melissa said...

Hi! I was so pissed when you stopped writing your other blog! I never commented but I read it everyday. When you left, I thought something bad happened to you. I am so happy you are back. You are an AMAZING woman. I am 25 years old. married , have a fat Pug thats about 100 years old and a Rottweiller. We have to keep them separated because the Pug gets cranky and kicks the rotties ass! when the time comes for me to be a mom I hope I am as good as you , and I hope my bebe comes out as cute as Violet. Let me know if you ever come to New York, we can meet up!

Sarah said...

Hiya! I'm Sarah from CraftNClutter. I checked your old blog on a whim today through one of the recipes I wisted. And now I see you've just been at a different space.

Now I have a lot of catching up to do.

Hmm, something about myself…my favorite food is probably my homemade lasagna.

Leah said...

HI! I read your blog and love it! I love pugs and I love trying your recipes. And I LOVE the pictures of Violet!

Katherine said...

Hello- My name is Kat and I found your blog through Everything Rachael Ray blog site. I have to say that my favorite dog breed is a mutt. I have a mutt that I found about 14 years ago and I love him with all my heart. My favorite food is a potato. I love everything that you can make with a potato, french fries, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, scalloped potatoes, boiled potatoes ... I could go on on.

Barbara said...

Why did I click on those videos? Why? Now I'll go to bed with that song going through my head. LOL

I guess there's no need for me to de-lurk but I'll answer the questions you asked the de-lurkers. Favorite food: has to be chocolate.
Favorite dog breed: Boston Terriers (although my Sophie Sue is a cutie - Papillon/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix)

Claire said...

Hey, hey! I'm just a busy medical student who tried to make time for cooking. Don't really know what my favorite food (it depends on the season!) but my favorite to cook is baking stuff! Sorry...don't have a favorite dog, but I'mnot a big fan of poodles or big dogs! I like little ones!

Nanette said...


The Chatty Housewife- said...
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The Chatty Housewife- said...

Ali- Boxers aren't really big dogs. Males are around 25" and females are shorter than that. Females can even be as short as 20". When I think of a big dog, I think Mastiff, Saint Bernard or Great Dane!

Anyways, thanks for the answer, and sorry for going off topic.

You started it! :)

The Blonde Duck said...

Hi! I'm the Blonde Duck. Happily married and dreaming of getting white Chihuahuas. No kids--yet. I'm in the process of getting my novel published. I write whimsical and humourous women's fiction. I love seeing pictures of your dogs and baby! So cute. I'm also going to try some of the recipes you post--Yum!

Anonymous said...

Hi - commenting as requested!!! Favourite food = anything with cheese. Or bacon.
Favourite dog = ermmm... pug? I know which side my bread is buttered!

Kimmy said...

Hi, Parker. I've commented before and I read your blog regularly. Now, to answer your questions. My favorite breed(s) of dogs are Bichon Frise (I raise them), Newfoundlanders, and most recently, Blue Heelers (we just bought a pup in December and she's GREAT!). There you go. Have a good day!

danielle said...

i've tried a lot of your recipes (and loved them all). i was so sad when you stopped posting on your other bloag, but am happy to hear you're well!

Karen M. Gibson said...

I just discovered your blog last week. Enjoying it immensely!

She sure is strange! said...


Not a true lurker but pretty new. Wanted to let you know that now I have that song stuck in my head! Gee Thanks!!!! My hubby and I agree that Violet is one of the cutest things going, she is adorable!!

Karen found you through me, I posted your blog on a homeschool chat(small-6 people tops) because of your pizza pasta recipe. You really do a wonderful job with your blog, keep it up!!

Oh, my favorite food these days is anything and my favorite dogs are black labs(we have two) but I'd love a Bedlington Terrier someday.


Mary said...

Hi! I'm not really a lurker as I have commented before. I enjoy reading your blog and I think Violet is precious. Oh, and so are the pugs.

Mary D in Texas

AM said...

Howdy! LOVE PUGS. And Boston terriers too.

Amy N said...

Well I just found your blog the other day, but hell, I'll de-lurk for you! So far, so good. I love a good recipe.
If it makes you happy, my 7 yr. old DS has a Pug webkinz named after our friend's pug that he loves to walk. Better size for him than our big mammoth dogs. :)

Lisa said...

Gosh, favorite food, maybe mac n cheese or lobster. I know, what a range. Favorite dog-guess I have to say poodle since have one drooling on my lap now.
Love the blog.

Anonymous said...

Keely -- Man I wish I could try real sushi! There must be a place around here or closer in the city that has it. Hurrumph.

Melissa -- Har. Sorry to hear that you were pissed -- but I'm glad you are here now. :) I WISH I could go to New York. I've never been to the east coast. The furthest east I've been is Wisconsin. hahaha.

Sarah from CraftNClutter - Mmm. Lasagna. Do you have a recipe posted somewhere with that?

Leah - Why thanks! :)

Katherine - It truly is hard to go wrong with potatoes, isn't it? I love mutts too. I love rescues in general too. Letta, my boston, was a rescue. I have a soft spot in my heart for dogs that have had a rough life.

Barbara - heya! you are amazing and wonderful. thanks for the comment. :)

Claire - I'm the same way in that baking stuff is by far my favorite. :)

Nanette - and accounted for :)

The Chatty Housewife- I've only seen a boxer in person once and he was really big and muscular. maybe he was an unusually large dog...but if your standard of large is a mastiff -- well yes, they aren't quite THAT big. LOL

The Blonde Duck - White chichi's are so cute! There are some really cute ones at the flickr site (www.flickr.com). Good for you on getting your novel published (or at the very least, being in the midst of that whole process). When I was younger my dream was to be a writer.

kate1976 - I'm so with you on the cheese. I was born in wisconsin so i think i have melted provolone instead of blood in my veins. :)

Kimmy - Thanks for the comment! I haven't seen any of your favorite breeds in person but I do love blue heelers. :)

danielle - I'm glad to hear that you liked the recipes!

Karen M. Gibson - Awesome! I am glad. :)

She sure is strange! - Hah. Yeah. I

Mary - Thanks! I agree. :)

AM - Why hello there preggo! :) keke

Amy N - Welcome and I'm glad you like it so far :)

Anonymous said...

lisa -- if you love mac and cheese please try my recipe for pastrami mac and cheese. to die for. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Parker,

Believe it or not, I still check your blog every day even after all this time.

The Fumbling Foodie

Lauren said...

Hi! I'm Lauren. I'm new-ish to your blog and I love it! I also love Jack Russell Terriers and soup of any sort. :)

Aimée said...

Actually today is my first time to visit your blog and I will be back! I'm another young mama blogger to the (far)north of you. Cheers!

Alisa said...

Hello! I used to read your old blog religiously and liked to try your recipes as often as possible, I was SO sad when you stopped blogging over there but I recently checked the old site, discovered the link to the new site and was Sooo happy! I couldn't believe you were here all along and I didn't know it-I have lots of catching up to do. I've never commented before but I have a link to your old site in an old post on my blog, although it's not quite as exciting as yours. I think we're friends on Bakespace too.
Glad you're back!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Lisa. I've been reading your blog for months now. My favorite dog is our goldendoodle.

I love mac n cheese, but alas it loves my thighs a little too much.

Celine said...

hi! it's me. :)

Amanda said...

Do you know what? I somehow managed to lose the link to your blog and found it again today - just in time for delurking (though technically I haven't been lurking lol!) My how I've missed so much, I have a lot of catching up to do!

BC said...

I'm late to post here (wow, a newborn can keep you busy!). My fav food is grilled salmon. My fav breed of dog is a Sheltie. I'm biased about the Shelties because I had two growing up. Oh how I miss them!

divabunny said...

yikes! i'm behind everyone in posting.... sorry... i've been a reader for a while, but i just dont post much... i am the person that gave you the "heads-up" last week that the links to your cookbooks werent working & you emailed them to me! (thank you again =)

about me... 30-ish, live in asheville, nc. stay at home wife. mother of two wonderful adorable yorkies. addicted to shopping and fashion. with my hubby for five years and i love him to death. hope to be a mommy in the next year!

my favorite food... junior's ny deli (plain) cheesecake, chocolate pot de creme, flatbread pizza... and ANY paula deen recipe that i try!!!

soooo glad i found you! i love your site and i your baby is an angel! =)

SansMerci said...

Lurker! Lurker! I fully admit it - I read you through google reader :)

I can't remember where I linked in from, but hey -
I LOVE your blog. Thank you for sharing your life with us folks~

Risking a swat - my favorite breed of dog is the one I have at the moment, which - for the next 15 years or so, shall be Miniature Pinscher~ Prior, it was our sweet weimeraner...