I couldn't help myself!

Look what I just bought for Violet and myself:

Eeeek! Aren't these the cutest? They are shopper bags, one adult sized and one mini. I can just picture Violet and I going to the library or grocery store and her filling up her little pink shopper. If there is one thing I know how to do (which I learned from my mom), it is SHOP!

You can check out many more adorable items here from Home on Third Street (additional link to see their store here) as well as Kids on Third Street (Which I am going to go check out now).


Laura said...

I LOVE those!! (Pardon my shouting) Bryan has been wanting to get our own shopping totes for months now so we can cut down on plastic bags. You are very stylish and eco-friendly little mommeh!

Future Envy of the PTA said...

I loooooove these! You can always count on anything pink, or anything with polka dots, to be my downfall! I've heard on the news how Whole Foods and Ingles will be doing away with their plastic bags and I've really been wanting purchase cloth bags for a while, but they are just too hideous! These are definitely adorable!~

Domestic Chicky said...

Did you see the toasters on their site? Swoon!!