I'm insane.

I decided yesterday afternoon that V and I would walk to Target. It is very close, and the day was warm enough that all the snow was gone from the roads. So, we packed up, got dressed in some warm clothes, and ventured out.

She looks like a porcelain doll, doesn't she?

These are her bunny slips. I don't know how she does it, but approximately 4 seconds after I took this picture, she had kicked them both off.

Teddy bear gloves. She was so not a fan of these.

Only half awake as I changed her, dressed her, and loaded everything up.

So off we went. There is a sidewalk that runs from our house to Target, so I assumed it wouldn't be too bad. I was wrong.

It started off okay. Just a little snow pack, a little ice. We (bouncily) soldiered on. Then the last block or so. Oh, the horror. The snow was at least 5 inches thick. It was dense, uneven. We temporarily got stuck numerous times. I saw the horrified expressions of women driving by us on the road. We had already come this far, I wasn't about to turn around when I could see Targets glorious, snow free parking lot just feet away.

And we made it. What did I just have to buy, you wonder?


Ketchup for the worst dinner I've made in ages. The Peking Pork Chops. Oh, they were horrendous.

At least I got some exercise.


Amanda said...

Tee hee you really do sound insane :op but I like insane!!

Cate said...

Ouch. Sometimes it's good to get out of the house and get fresh air though. I went to Target yesterday to get Honeybuns because a local DJ was talking about them and I just HAD to have them. One hour and a very full cart later, I had much more than Honeybuns in my cart... but what did I forget? Ketchup! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear god she is so cute! Id walk thru that for target too. Love me some Target.

Sarah Schreffler said...

I wish I had a Target in walking distance!

Barbara said...

LOL At least you saw the bright side of things. Miss V is adorable as always.