A million and one things about Violet.

Not really. But she has been growing up so much, just in the last week.

For instance, she can now hold her head in line with her body when pulled from a laying position. She laughed, big time, the other night. I was blowing raspberries on her chunky thighs and she giggled. Then I laughed, then she laughed. Then her dad laughed, and I laughed, and she laughed so hard. It was precious.

She can grab both of her feets at the same time.

She sampled a few little bites of rice cereal for the first time.

She has been on a regular nap schedule (hooray!) for the first time.

Her feet now reach the ground in her rain forest bouncer. (Video later)

She has discovered that she can splash in her baby tub, making bath time a lot more fun.

She is making noises all the time. We have deep, meaningful conversations several times a day.

And most importantly, her hair is long enough to be styled as a mini-mohawk, as seen above.


Amy N said...

She's adorable! Now get yourself over to http://www.graciebellebows.com/store/Default.asp and get her some of Michelle's adorable bows for her hair!! If you get the small bows with the pinch clip and the gripper, they stay in well (my daughter was the same way with her hair). Isn't it fun as they start changing into little people with big personalities?!

AM said...

Oh I am so happy she is laughing for you! I remember very well the first time Emma did that and I was soo sooo overjoyed. It is a glorious sound.

Anonymous said...

Oh, they grow so fast and fill you up with so much love. Glad to hear you are enjoying her so much.

Melissa said...

she's breaking my heart. Soooooooo sweet. Sigh.

What a blessed gift. Good for you that you're recording all this. I am one of those mom that by the third and fourth child, their poor baby books are almost blank.