Not so fast!

Ah well, nevermind about the hiatus thing for now. We aren't moving quite that quickly, but it will hopefully be in the next 2 weeks or so. You are stuck with me for a little longer!

While I have a minute, let me fascinate you with a Thursday Thirteen.

Thirteen Things in My (Quite Small) Bedroom

1. Two dressers
2. One computer (a desktop)
3. One bookcase
4. One TV
5. A baby swing
6. A giant box of diapers
7. A small aqua Christmas tree
8. An armchair
9. The biggest, ugliest crib ever. Seriously its like 7 feet long.
10. A little vibrating chair (for baby. obviously.)
11. An ugly, 80s (or is it 90s?) bed frame, complete with tacky mirror on headboard.
12. A dining room chair and a folding chair
13. Me + husband + baby

Wow. It is full in here.

Thursday Thirteen


Miranda said...

an aqua christmas tree? lol

Nice list, Happy TT!!!

Di said...

I think you need a 91 pound doberman like I have to really make it cozy!

Marie said...

You make me wish my kids were still small and we were still stuck in a tiny house and I could get girl scout cookies over here. :-)

AJ Chase said...

Ha! That's how our living room is. It's four, four, four rooms in one.

Nicholas said...

Well it can't be that small!

Barbara said...

14. 2 dogs