Things to come in 2008 for Divine Domesticity

Happy New Year peeps!

We rang in the New Year by sleeping. Violet slept from 9:30pm till 5:30am last night. So so nice. A lot of nights she still wakes up 2-3 times, but one or two nights a week she will sleep all the way through. Anyhow, we had my husbands brother and his wife over last night and suddenly we noticed that my husband had disappeared. A quick check of the bedroom and we discovered him snoring like a lumberjack at about 11:15pm. What an old man! Hah.

I have a lot of plans for this website in 2008. First off, more cooking! More pictures! Second, I will be working on creating printable recipes in the form of PDF files for all my recipes.

On a larger scale, my plan is to build a website that has articles relating to housekeeping, cooking, taking care of kids and much more. The personal blog part of that larger site will be this blog. So I will keep on blogging in the same regard, but there will be a lot more content to check out. It will be quite the process to make all that happen, but I'm shooting for this summer to have the larger site rolled out.

I'm curious to know what you would like to see for Divine Domesticity in 2008. If you have a moment I'd appreciate your feedback.

What would you like to see at Divine Domesticity in 2008?

A.) More cooking! More cooking pics!
B.) More stories about our everyday life, including the chunky baby!
C.) Posts about organization tips/ cleaning tips
D.) More posts about those stinky, crazy dogs you have and never blog about anymore
E.) Other - Please leave a comment explaining


domestic-chicky said...

Um, you forgot to add "f" - all of the above...whic would be my choice-happy happy new year chicky!!

so NOT cool said...

I like "a" and "b", but "c" and "d" are always good too.

Happy New Year!

Audrey said...

I´d love you to post about all of them! :) I love your blog.

Claire said...

I say go for it all...just be sure and keep us updated on that precious babe!

rpm said...

F is great!! I love seeing a bit of all of your life. I do love your recipes and food pictures but I love seeing V and the doggies too.

Sarcomical said...

all of them!
all of them!

but you really should know i've bookmarked a lot of your recipes. must try some ASAP and tell you how they go!

as always, love me. :)

Anonymous said...

My choice is for all of them too!

Mary D in Texas

AM said...

B C and D with an emphasis on B.

And if you ever go back to doing the monthly newsletter thingys, I'd love to participate. Right now I am big on the cleaning/organizing tips.

C'tina said...

I'm all for A and B! Happy New Year!

Barbara said...

*Waves hand in the air to get your attention* I vote for A, B, and D. More baby stories, more recipes and more pups.