Daily Recipe - Roasted Veggies & Goat Cheese Wrap

by Divine Domesticity on February 21st, 2008

I especially enjoyed this wrap. Makes me feel oh so healthy. (Never mind all the pecan sandies cookies I've been eating. Ah hem.)

Roasted Veggies & Goat Cheese Wrap
Makes several wraps

1. Roast your choice of veggies in a 425 f degree oven for approx. 40 minutes. I used: Zucchini, Onions, Mushrooms & Garlic with a dash of olive oil to coat. Let cool for a few minutes

2. Add romaine lettuce to your tortilla. Add veggies to a bed of romaine lettuce. Add room temperature goat cheese. Serve and enjoy!


Karen Erickson said...

That looks delicious. :)

Claire said...

Oh, yum!!!! I am definitely going to have to get some more goat cheese.