Things that no one ever told me about newborns.

They are squashed faced, pasty little things. Almost all of them look like angry old men.

Don't get me wrong, the first time I ever saw my daughter, I saw her blue eyes and her chubby cheeks, and she was just the prettiest thing I ever saw.

(P.S. Check out her Dr. Evil hand gesture!)

Looking back on her first photo though (above) -- I would never have imagined that my squashed faced little princess would turn into such a pretty, non-squashed faced little girl.

Although, to be fair, I pushed non-stop (no really, NON STOP) for 2 hours straight before I had a c-section, and it wasn't her fault that her face was all smooshed.


Shel said...

The other things no one tells you: That you will find an unknown skill at picking things up with your feet. That one baby fills up enough space for six teenagers. And that your heart can hold more than you ever dreamed.

Enjoy your blog, I marked it to come back to regularly!
Shel of the recipe exchange.

beth said...

I feel exact same way about my first daughter- I remember seeing a beautiful heart shaped face and thinking 'Ohh she is pretty!'. The pictures tell a different story. I pushed for hours and they tried the vacum before my c-section so she looked like she had been in a fight, complete with a big bruise on her head.

Rachel said...

2 hours straight!! Yowza.
Nobody tells you they're actually funny looking creatures, but they are. They're not very 'beautiful' at all.
But, we love them and we worked darn hard for them didn't we :-)?

The name of your blog is darling.

Marie said...

Funny you should say this. I was just saying to my husband the other day about how beautiful I always thought my babies were right after they were born, when in reality they really are quite odd looking, faces only mums and dad can love. And love them we do, forever and ever . . .

Ali said...

shel - I never would have thought that babies take up so much room! :)

beth - violet had the vacuum bruise as well. and how our memory of how our babies looked compared to photographic evidence! LOL

rachel - we sure did work hard for them. :)

Marie - that is so true :)

Willie & Waylon said...

It is unbelievable how much they change and grow in such a short amount of time. Your daughter is beautiful... just like mine :)

DaisyBug said...

She is beautiful!