FriendFeed is bomb diggity.

You can organize all of your accounts on your favorite sites, like Twitter, Pandora, Netflix, Flickr, Blogger, Amazon Wishlists, Stumble Upon and shared Google posts ALL IN ONE PLACE.

Check it out.

Explanation for the noobs, that means you can see what I've twittered, what I've added to my netflix movie account, see when I've added pictures to my flickr account, when I've blogged, when I add something to my Amazon wishlist, when I've stumbled and when I share cool posts via Google reader (and so on and so on).

Is that cool or what?

Are you on there?? Let me know, so I can add you as a friend.


Laura said...

How do I add you to my netflix friends??

Ali said...

laura --
follow this link. Let me know if it doesn't work...