How was your Easter?

Mine was fabulous.

I am so pissed that I can't find the charger for my digital camera though. Gah. Considering how cute Violet was in her party dress, and all the pretty food I made, I was really irked that I couldn't photograph it all.

We headed over to our very, very wonderful extended families house for dinner. There was a succulent leg of lamb, an equally succulent ham, plates of cheese and crackers, a lot of wine, and succulent company. Just kidding. There was a lot of very friendly people there. We had a blast!

What did your family do? Any good recipes to share?

(My recipes to come later!)


beth said...

I hate it when my camera does not cooperate. Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter though. Can't wait for the recipes!

Darla said...

I do have a great recipe to share. I'll post it on my blog and send you the link. We had chicken with Monray sauce over linguine.

Darla said...

Here we go Ali, here's my Easter recipe. =)