Wasssup my peeps?

Long time, no bloggy.

Well, I've been blogging about food plenty, but not about the goings on of life.

Violet and my husband have been battling colds the past 1-2 weeks. My husband got bronchitis, but luckily Violet did not. She does have a wicked cough that is lingering. She coughs so hard that it triggers her gag reflex, and yes, she horks all over me. Poor little girl.

Can you believe she will be 6 months old next week?! Time has flown by.

We're in the market to buy a cheap, used car next month. I refuse to finance. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate credit cards and financed cars? HATE! I despise having monthly payments.

We are still working on our credit card debt, but we have had our cars paid off for a few years now and it is so very nice to not have a substantial chunk of our income go to the cars. My car was totaled a long while back, and we're just now replacing it.

So, I'll be driving around in a mobile crap-shack, so to speak, but it sure beats buying a brand new car. (Don't get me wrong, it will be a safe car, but a used, very affordable car that we can buy outright.)

No profound thoughts from me lately. Life is whizzing by and I'm just trying to keep up! Violet's monthly newsletter will be coming up soon...I better start taking some pictures of her -- how is it that I haven't taken any pictures of her this month?! Oh, right, my dig cam battery died and I can't find the charger for it. Erg!


Shelly said...

Smart Girl! I too HATE credit cards or anything of that nature. They just rape you. I only pay cash...starting doing that about 4 years ago and I LOVE IT!

BC said...

Just wanted to say I love the new site design!!! Great job!!!

Darla said...

Ali...I think I'm losing my mind. *sob* I can't remember if I told you that I posted a recipe for homemade Roux on my blog that you might be interested in (and then again maybe not - no biggie).

Sorry if this is a repeat...

Here's the link: http://ultrabeautyboutique.com/?p=116

Future Envy of the PTA said...

I love the new layout! Looks great!

Dave said...

While searching for a car for my son a few months ago, we found a lot of god deals on craigslist. Stick with a Honda or Toyota and you can hardly go wrong.

C'tina said...

About baby coughing so hard she gags and horks...my kids did this until they were about 4 yrs. Usually right after I got them to drink some grape juice or bright berry tylenol...I finally learned..clear fluids and meds...AND to start the HUMIDIFIER about 20 mins before they went to bed, since cough always acted up @ bedtime, and cough medicine never works, except vicks vapo rub.