Family Cookbooks - How to Preserve Precious Family Recipes

For years I have thrown around the idea of creating a family cookbook. Sure, keeping a blog of recipes is fun, but I wanted something tangible. A cookbook filled with family recipes that I could pass down to my daughter. My final demand: I wanted color photographs.
I looked and looked, there was nothing to be found. Well, nothing within a reasonable price range anyways. Then, last year, I heard of a new website, Tastebook, that offered beautiful cookbooks that you could fill with your own recipes. I signed up for a free account. They allow you to have 100 recipes per cookbook, so I began building up my collection of recipes right away.
  • Adding recipes is a cinch. No need to try to format the page yourself, they have everything all set up.
  • Dozens of covers to choose from. Plus you can change the color scheme for the text on the cover and spine of the book to match your cover image.
  • Customer support. AMAZING customer support. I cannot emphasize that enough. My sister and I had a snafu where she ordered a cookbook that I made, not knowing that I had already purchased one for her. Even though they had already printed her cookbook, because it had not shipped yet, they refunded her money. I was stunned that they cared so much about pleasing their customers.
  • Fast printing and shipping. I've bought 3 cookbooks so far: one for myself, and one for both my sister and mom. In all cases, the cookbooks were printed the next day and shipped ASAP.
  • If you don't already have 100 recipes to add to the cookbook, you have options: You can import recipes from Epicurious to your cookbook or you can receive a credit to add more recipes later. This means that you can have your cookbook printed and shipped to you, then later on print more pages that can be added to you cookbook. Easy!
  • The price is extremely reasonable, considering the quality of the product, the great customer service, and the ease of adding recipes and setting everything up.
  • If you are Epicurious recipe fans, you can make a cookbook filled entirely with Epicurious recipes as easily as clicking your mouse and importing their recipes. They even have many premade cookbooks available to purchase.
  • Currently you cannot upload your own image to be used on the cover.
  • Currently you can only print 100 recipes per cookbook. For some that may be plenty, but I would have liked 3 times that many recipes. That may be completely unfeasible, but I wished that they had binders that were larger so I didn't have to order multiple cookbooks in the future.
That being said, I will happily order many more cookbooks from Tastebook as I enter in more family recipes. Just as a side note, I did not receive anything for free and this is not a sponsored review. I purchased all three cookbooks with my own money.

You would be hard pressed to find a more thoughtful gift than a cookbook filled with your favorite recipes. Want to do something sweet for Mother's Day? How about creating a cookbook with tried and true recipes from your mom, along with a few of your own recipes? Need a special gift for newlyweds? You get the idea.
A company that cares about customers. A product that satisfies. I wish we had more companies like this!

Full Disclosure: This post was NOT sponsored by Tastebook. Nor was I given a Tastebook for free. I paid for mine and the copies I ordered for family members. I am simply reviewing this product because I loved it and found it relevant to my website.


Queen B said...

This sounds great...I will check it out!

Isabelle said...

I didn't know such a company existed. Thanks for letting us know about it.

My Boaz's Ruth said...

Maybe they can sell that cookbook to one of your readers who love your recipes?