faq *updated*

1. How can I take better food pictures?
  • Natural lighting. Don't use a flash. Not ever.
  • A steady hand. Use a small tripod if necessary.
  • Make it better. Use software like Photoshop Elements, Picasa or Pxn8 to boost saturation, lighting and contrast.
  • Practice. Take 50 photos instead of 5.
2. May I send you something to review on your blog?
  • Sure! The product needs to be relevant to the sight, though. I welcome all books with open arms. Heck, I even reviewed a children's book put out by Bush's Baked Beans because the profits went to the Humane Society and I have a soft spot in my heart for animals. You can email me with a request at: divinedomesticity{at}gmail{dot}com
3. Do you really make all the food posted on your blog?
  • Unless otherwise noted, yes, I sure do.
4. Can I post a recipe from your site on my own blog? Can I post a picture from your site on my own blog?
  • Feel free to repost recipes, but please do me right and provide a link back to me if you do.
  • Please contact me before posting ANY pictures from my site. I get very huffy when it comes to my pictures. If you write me a nice email asking permission, I almost always say yes. If I stumble across a picture used without permission, I tend to turn into a snarling, devilish creature that wants to cut you. So please, don't do it.
5. How do you find time to blog and cook so much?
  • Planning ahead!
  1. For cooking, I do menu plans each week, prepping as much as I can on the weekend or the morning of. I like making waffles and blueberry ricotta pancakes on the weekend and storing them in the freezer for quick breakfasts. It saves me a lot of time in the mornings. No dirty dishes as an added bonus! I use that time in the morning to clean up anything dirty in the kitchen and if I have extra time, prepping ingredients.
  2. For blogging, I take a chunk of free time (when the baby is napping) and I will do a weeks worth of posts all in a row, then save them and publish one or two posts each day. By doing this, I stay one to two weeks ahead of schedule. It saves me so much time in the long run. Oh, I also have a backlog of probably 100+ recipes that are from my old website that I am working on transferring, so I'm not actually making all this food each and every day. I made it a few weeks ago, or a few months ago, or even a few years ago, in some cases.
6. Where do you find your recipes?

Lots of places. A few of my favorites, besides other food blogs of course, are:
There you have it. I'll think of more later. Do you have any other questions?


Rhiannon said...

What are your "can't live without" kitchen gadgets?

Also - What ingredients are important to always have on hand?

Melly said...

I love reading your blog. As the mother of a 6 month old how do you find time to blog and cook so much?

evan said...

awesome blog twitter friend.
you have amazing food photos.

Sadie said...

I echo Melly's question! *lol*

I would love to know where you find all your recipes...enough to post a new one every day! Oh how I wish I were that daring (we are picky eaters in this house)

Laura said...

Is Violet starting to eat some different foods? Are you going to make homemade baby food? Do you make food for your dogs or treats?


Anonymous said...

laura - Yep, she is eating lots of homemade baby food. basically you boil the veggies, process them, and add back the water from when you boiled the veggies to thin the consistency. The only time you DON'T do this is with carrots -- use fresh water (the boiled water has too much beta carotine or something to that effect, which in those amounts are not good for baby, so use fresh)

Nope, I don't make homemade treats or food for the dogs. I have wanted to, but I just haven't had the time lately. I've considered putting my pug on a raw diet, but that will be a project for this summer or next summer when I have a little bit more free time (hopefully I will, anyways.) :)

vlaizure said...

I MUST shout-out an "amen!" to the Bra-lelujiah comment today! I have personally tried one of those, and although I'm not necessarily a plus-size, I'm not small either and do have large God-given breasts. I am convinced that that bra is designed for either teeny, teeny tiny people, or boob-job girls who don't need real support because their "ladies" stand on their own!

My Boaz's Ruth said...

What is your food budget for all this delicious food?

What do you typically eat? Do you have "old favorites"?