The one where dislocated my knee. Then switched to glass baby bottles.

Lately I have no inspiration when it comes to titling my posts.

Last Friday as my husband was getting ready for work, I was scooting off our bed and somehow, I dislocated my knee. I've done this many times before, too many to count really, but this time, it would NOT POP BACK. There I was, knee hanging there at a weird angle, screaming and freaking out. The freaking out was two-fold. Obv., I was freaking from the pain, but the second reason was having your lower leg dangling at a very unnatural angle FEELS WEIRD.

After my husband tried twisting my leg to get it to pop back, which did not work, oh no, it only made it hurt more, I bumped my kneecap with my hand, accidentally, and POP, back it went.

I hate my knees.


After reading a few articles about the Dr. Browns plastic baby bottles and dangerous chemicals, we're switching to glass bottles. I have read a few articles that have said it was much ado about nothing, but I don't even want to chance it when it comes to by babeh.

For the first 5 or so months, I hand washed all of my bottles. In the past two months I've been using the dishwasher to save time. Apparently putting the plastic bottles in the dishwasher gets them too hot and they may leach chemicals into the formula. Supposedly if you hand wash in warm water it is okay to use the plastic, but since I've already washed them in the dishwasher, we're gonna replace them all. Stupid chemicals!

Anyone else switching to glass? Pros and cons?


only took her 2.8 seconds to get them out of the package. troublemaker.

Violet turned 7 months old yesterday. We took a quick family walk (with my knee being jacked up and all) and she loved it. There is something about having the wind in her face that makes her incredibly happy.

I still get my weekly emails from, which I've been getting since I was pregnant. They fill you in on what is going on with your baby and what milestones they may be approaching in the coming weeks.

One snippet said it may be time to offer your baby a sippy cup. Also, bits of food that can be mushed easily in the mouth. Are they for reals? SIPPY CUPS?


I'm not ready for this baby. Let's hit the pause button for a few months so I can catch up!


Barbara said...

Sorry to hear about your knee. I think I'd freak out too if I saw it dangling at an odd angle.

Miss Violet gets cuter every day. 7 months already? wow time flies.

Melissa said...

wow i have never had my knee pop out of its kneecap but that would totally and completely freak out!!
i get those babycenter emails too; my son is 11 months old. i gave cael (my son) a sippy cup with a straw when he was 7 months old and now he can sip it; somehow when they do it younger b/c they're used to sucking a bottle they can also do a straw. so now he uses those bottles with straws and it's great b/c i don't have to lug around a sippy cup everywhere i go b/c he'll drink with a straw from anywhere. just thought i would share that unsolicited information with you :)
i can't believe the plastic bottle issue either! never washed mine in the dishwasher so i guess i'll keep my plastic ones for now. tho if i could afford it i think i would switch to glass. but you're probably good to be safe!

Frantic Home Cook said...

Oh, I hate that knee thing. I have that happen frequently now that I'm so old and my knees went into retirement without me. Did you injure them or do you have osteoarthrits? That's what causes mine but maybe that's just me.

Cate said...

Ouch on the knee - hope you're feeling better!

On the bottles ... the Born Free ones don't have the BPA, but they're expensive and Madeline didn't like them. Avent makes Magic Sippy Cups (two for 8.99) and they don't have BPA. If you buy those, their rings and nipples fit on it to turn them into bottles, and then you have sippy cups for later. Hope this helps!

My Boaz's Ruth said...

I don't want glass bottles. Seems the risk of breaking and ending up with shards of glass on the floor for baby to find and put in his mouth later are MUCH greater than the risks that may or may not be there for BPA. So we stuck with our Playtex Ventaire.

My son (9 months) has not taken to sippy cups yet. But he's eager for mommy's straw cups so I just bought one of those to try.