Spanx Bra-llelujah: My Review


So, does that about sum it up?

Seriously though, what a disappointment. I'd heard so much hype about this new bra. AND it even came in plus sizes. I ordered one and hoped for the best.

When I opened the package I noticed it instructed you to step into the bra. As in, throw it on the floor, step into it, and pull it up over your hips, butt, belly and boobs. Then, it is supposed to magically mold to your body.

Uh, no. No, no, no.

This thing is all one piece of fabric - no snaps, no fasteners. And its tight as hell. There was no way it was fitting over my booty. It certainly did not mold to my body shape, either. It was uncomfortable, it created back fat -- CREATED IT! The whole point of Spanx products is to eliminate stuff like that.

All in all, a big thumbs down.

For skinny girls, I would imagine it might work well. Not for my plus sized ladies though, no way.


Brian & Aimee said...

SO GLAD you posted a review about this bra - I was just about to order one for myself, and this has changed my mind! THANK YOU!! :)

beth said...

You have to try the Bali Concealer bra. It pushes the larger, post baby woman up and in. Love, love, love mine!

carrie said...

I thought it was supposed to HIDE the back fat. Isn't that the point?

Thanks for being the guinea pig so I didn't have to order one! :0)

Christi said...

I went looking for this bra this past weekend, to no avail. Thank goodness you reviewed it before I ordered online. Thanks for the info. I've found lots of cool online stores to shop with now!

R said...

I have never heard of this bra because I have my head in the sand.

But---I know for a fact that it would smash me to nothing by the sound of it. And I don't want it to create a back crack on me. Gross. LOL

Barbara said...

I nearly spit out my coffee reading this LOL. It actually created back fat? That's so wrong.

Amy said...

SNORT! Trying to hike a bra up over my body (even for the skinny folks) is not my cup of tea. I need something that gives me volumes and volumes of boobies ;) My poor children sucked the life out of them when they nursed and I am back in freaking training bras.

Praying for enough money for a boob job to solve this problem ;)

Sadie said...

Wow! Thanks for the review. I'm not overly big...but I would never, ever, ever, be wearing a bra that was all one piece and no adjsting and no UNDERWIRE. These girls need help...and not in the "squish them into non-existence with fabric so tight I can't breathe" way. *lol*

Sorry you were so disappointed! But thanks for warning others!

Susan's Farmhouse Kitchen said...

I so totally agree! I bit and bought drawers and a bra! YUCK!!! Back fat, side fat, droopy, flat looking front! WHAT a complete disappointment.

Laura said...

I hold firmly to the standard that I do not buy ANY ANY ANY kind of top or dress that I have to pull over my hips & butt to get into. No good feelings are ever going to come from putting myself through such misery.

Whoever heard of stepping into a bra???

Thanks for your honesty & love the graphic! ha ha ha ha