Top Ten Places to Buy Plus Sized Womens Clothing Online

Seriously. It is so hard to find trendy plus sized clothing. Forget looking in stores. It never fails that they have about five size 4's, and nothing beyond the 12+ sizes. Save a little time and check out these stores online.

Remember, ALWAYS check for coupon codes before ordering. is a good place to start. Or just Google the name of the store + coupon code.

A few items I found and loved...the numbers correspond to the list below.

  1. Avenue
  2. Old Navy
  3. b&lu
  4. IGIGI - Casual Dresses
  5. Missphit
  6. Belle Avenue
  7. Spanx - bras, panties, and body shapers (I just ordered one of their new bras, the Bra-llelujah. I'm excited. Also, TMI.)
  8. Lane Bryant
  9. JCPenny
  10. alight
  11. Bonus: Kiyonna


Keely said...

That sundress (10) is ADORABLE. Checking these links out tonight! Thanks, lady! :)

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Great finds...all!

Let me know how you like the Bra-llelujah. My right breast has been through so much in the past needs a little pick me up! ;)

Peabody said...

You might also like:

Alicia said...

Maybe it's just hormones, but I just about started crying when I saw the clothes on the sites you listed. Thank you for doing that.

Anonymous said...

peabody -- awesome. I'll add it to the list! :)

Anonymous said...

alicia -- aww. you are welcome. :)

Dawn said...

Have you tried They have great plus size clothes.

Anonymous said...

I have seen torrid -- Nothing against them, but I think those clothes are geared towards teenagers, which is why I didn't include them on the list. I think they have a great site though. :)

Barbara said...

Cool beans! I knew of some of the places you listed but now have some new one I must explore.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if I like the bra-llelulah yet. I think for a non plus sized woman it would be very nice. I'm not sold on it yet. Hrm.

Also, they say you are supposed to 'step into it' like a pair of jeans. Um, hello, I'm plus sized! Do you really think a stretchy bra that cannot be unclasped is going to fit over my hips?

Anonymous said...

I love! And I have that sundress in yellow! They have such cute stuff and the prices are great!

April@Crafty*Nesty*Thrifty said...

Thank you for taking the time to compose this great list and for sharing!!!! You have lifted my spirits:) Take care, April.