Caption Reads: "Molded Beef Ring - Meat set in gelatin and waiting in the refrigerator brings peace of mind when company's coming."

From a random cookbook my MIL gave me.


Does anyone buy the Penzey's Spice cooking magazine? Part of the charm of them, least I thought, was that they had horrendous food photography. Bad lighting, props from the 70s, and old fashioned, yummy food.

A few months back I made a trip into one of their stores and saw that they have now updated the entire magazine. It might was well be an issue of bon appetit. I was so disappointed.


Laura said...

The meat ring caption should read more like "Peace of mind when company's coming, that the bastards won't be breathing for long after munching on this tasty treat!"

Just my humble observation. hee hee!

Future Envy of the PTA said...

I just vomited in my mouth a little looking at that beef mold... yikes.

Pink said...

i absolutely love these el grosso old recipe pics. i had a friend in college who framed them and hung them on her living room wall!