Using iGoogle to Streamline Your Daily Life

by Divine Domesticity on August 30, 2008

Google is so much more than just a search engine. Sign up for a free gmail email account, make your homepage, and check out the hundreds of possibilities to streamline your daily life. Just click the "Add Stuff" link at the top right corner of your page and have fun exploring!


Here are a few items that I use on a daily basis:
  • Google Reader - Subscribe to your favorite websites and be alerted when they update
  • Check your email - iGoogle lets you check for new emails from hotmail, gmail, and other services.
  • Have fun - Feed koi fish, play mario brothers, or get cute pics daily from The Daily Puppy
  • Beautiful themes - themes created by talented artists that will change through out your day.
  • Check the weather, display the date and time
  • Sticky Notes - I use these like crazy! One is for my grocery list, one for menu plans, one for daily to-do lists. You can customize the colors and placement.
What do you use on your iGoogle homepage that you can't live without?


Mommy Doodles said...

I LOVE LOVE iGoogle - everything Google !!

i use it for my reader, gmail, documents, calendar, gchat, to-do list, beTwittered, google maps, google bookmarks

All in one quick glance when i open my browser!!

Curvaliscious said...

I LOVE the igoogle links bars. All my favs in a handy dandy place :)