1st Birthday Recap

by Divine Domesticity on September 28, 2008

On her birthday we hung out around the house, keeping it low key. I did about 90% of the food prep for her party, which was the next day.

Violet turned 1!

Violet turned 1!
She is BIG on doing a snarly face when I take her picture.

Oh, hello again snarly!

On the day of her party we were busy running last minute errands and waiting for family to arrive. She was a superstar and everyone was in love with her.

When it came time for her to eat her cake, she was having some issues. She doesn't like to have anything sticky/icky on her hands, so each time she went to grab a piece of her cake, she felt the frosting, and was not thrilled. Eventually I cut the cake into pieces so she was less intimidated. We let her ate one cube of cake then took back the rest. I was not wanting her to puke from eating that sugary cake...but she enjoyed her piece.

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Stewie volunteered to be her wing man and help her eat the cake.

Finally! She ate some cake.

Afterward, she changed into her special birthday tutu and opened her presents. The quality on these videos is pretty terrible -- the original video is great quality but the hosting site must change the quality of the videos when you upload them. :P

It was at this point I realized we had forgotten to sing her happy birthday. What a bad mom! So I made everyone sing it...better late than never.

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And there you have it! We had great company over, and it was a blast. A ton of work, but a blast.

Next up will be the party food recap!


Penny said...

Happy 1st Birthday Violet! Ali thank you for sharing Violet's 1st birthday with your readers. So happy to see that Stewie is back with his family.

Alicia said...

So cute! I'll bet she had a great time.