I love Martha Stewart.

by Divine Domesticity on September 11, 2008

I was in high school when I started collecting Martha Stewart Living magazines. It wasn't long before I realized that I had a problem. I wanted to hoard them, to preserve them...and I would go to strange (and expensive) measures to do so.

I had turned into a total:

Yes, I carefully tore out the recipes, craft projects, menu plans, and put them into sheet protectors, then put them into binders.

Apparently when I was younger it never occurred to me that I could always look these recipes up online. There was something about the printed magazine that I loved. Being able to flip through it, pull out a particular month, organize them a certain way.

Now, the binders, they mock me. I can't throw them away. I won't. I love them too much. From Living, to Everyday Food, to (squee!) the baby issues, the kids issues. All so very, very precious, and perfect. During the past four moves, all within the past year and a half, I've made my husband lug these beasts around the country. I'm not sure he feels the same way about Martha that I do.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Dinner Tonight, a blog by the editors of the Everyday Food magazine. Was I interested in being a guest poster? Erm, exsqueeze me? Me?

Honestly, I got  myself a little worked up when I was preparing for my post. WHAT RECIPE WOULD I MAKE? I kept asking my husband for his thoughts. Helpful he was not.

Then, I have to prepare the food. OH, the pressure! I was elated when my dishes turned out aboslutely delicious.

The next step was to write the post. You'd think after blogging about food for 4 years that I'd have a handle on it, but I was caught up in the moment. Honest to God, I don't remember writing the article. I think I checked out at some point, the nervousness getting the best of me. I sent it in and hoped for the best.

It is going to be posted tomorrow (Friday).

So, please, if my article sucks butt, please, leave me a nice comment, give me pat on the back, and don't judge me too harshly. And please don't let Martha read this. She would not approve of such a lack of confidence!

Coming soon to the Dinner Tonight blog -- BBQ Chicken Pizza & Chutney Chicken Salad.

bbq chicken pizza

I'm going to go get drunk. I can't handle the pressure.

*Semi-related side note: I am in love with Martha's daughter, Alexis. I might even love her more than Martha. Shush, please don't squeal on me.


Rhiannon said...




Ashley said...

Wow! Lots of excitement! Good luck!

Future Envy of the PTA said...

Good luck!! That's sooooo amazing!! OH, and P.S., I love Alexis too!! I even befriended her on myspace and facebook. I loooooooove her radio show on Sirius. You should subscribe (if you don't already have it) just for her two hour radio show! Good luck! I can't wait to see the article!

judy said...

Great Job Ali...
Very well written and I am sure enticed many people to run right out and buy the ingredients to make it...kudos to you!!!

Anonymous said...

Girl, you make me laugh!

Amy said...

You make me laugh- I hope you got lots of nice comments. Mine (ahem) was FIRST and I went on and on about your amazing prowess in the kitchen.

PS- Swing by today- I think I have a recipe you will love :)

Cate said...

You did an awesome job, and the pizza looks great!

Gen said...

That is amazing!

And i refuse to admit that i, too have binders. Many of them ;)

Jen Hill said...

That is incredibly wonderful!

I will be sure to check out your guest post on Friday.

Really inspiring, good for you!

My Vintage Kitchen said...

AWESOME!!!!! OMG I would be going insane...I too have a sick amount of "martha" stuff...books, magazines, and am an Everyday food nut! I really do think that is the greatest magazine...it's real and the recipes work!


Sarah McColl said...

congrats! that is so awesome!