Darn it all! Moving Again. Plus a pregnancy update.

by Divine Domesticity on January 16th, 2008

Well, we have to move again. They are going to have to remove part of the roof because of the extensive water and mold damage at the house, and since its about negative 10 outside, it really isn't possible to stay here while the construction is going on, even if the mold is contained.

There is also a good chance they will have to tear up the ceiling in the kitchen..and who knows where else. This is on top of replacing the ceilings in our room, Miss V's room, and a guest bedroom.  They are saying 10-14 business days for the basic stuff (meaning nothing to do with the kitchen or anything else), but you know how construction goes, it could easily go much longer than that.

I'm so bummed. I'm very appreciative that we have a place to go to, but at the same time, it just stinks to have to go through all of this while being pregnant, having severe back pain, and taking care of a one year old.

I am not sure if I will be able to set up my computer at the new place, so if I'm not able to, I'll have to borrow one, and posting will be infrequent at best until we are back at the house. This makes me so sad.

For some fun news, I FINALLY was able to get scheduled for a doctor for my first appointment! It is a long story as to why I didn't get in earlier, involving a crappy ass doctors office that scheduled me weeks in advance, then waited until a few days before my appointment and called and told me that they were wrong and they weren't taking new patients. Wow, thanks for wasting 6 weeks of my time, jerks!  So now I am getting in ASAP with a new doctor who comes highly recommended.

I will be 19 weeks along for my first appointment. I'm not sure if they will do an ultrasound, but hopefully they will, and if they do, we will try to find out the sex. Yippee! Anyone have any guesses for a boy or a girl?


koryshar said...

I don't really have a guess, but I do have a theory about gender. Acne is caused, generally, from a surge of testosterone. Any one of my friends, and myself, that have carried a boy has had an increase in breakouts during the second trimester vs girl producing pregnancies. For some it is just a mild flare up, like during PMS, and for others it is like puberty all over again. So what's your skin look like Ali?

Carrie said...

Congratulations, that is so exciting!! I hope you have a boy, I've enjoyed my two boys so much!

Darla~SassyHomemaker said...

oh ugh on the moving. just UGH!

Hrmmmmm I'm guessing a boy? :P