Edam and Aged White Cheddar Sandwich

by Divine Domesticity on March 22nd, 2009

A long while back I went on a panini making frenzy. This simple cheese sandwich was by far my favorite.

Edam and Aged White Cheddar Sandwich
Serves 1

2 slices baguette
1 slice Edam cheese
1 slice Aged White Cheddar

1. Butter the bread. Add cheese. Use a panini press to grill, or use a saute pan and press down with a spatula to flatten sandwich slightly and flip to brown on both sides.

Recipe by me


Hannah said...

that looks so good. i love me a good grilled cheese.

Elyse said...

Oh, this looks divine. Total comfort food. I could eat one right now (apparently, a total late night snack, as well.)

nanny said...

I am on the panini kick now. Had one for lunch everyday last week. I had bought the best sourdough bread at Whole Foods, and now it is gone,,,,, I've never had any Edam Cheese, will look for it.

Through My Lens said...

Hmmm. Add a few apple or pear slices and that would be even better!

Thanks for your comment - I need to be better at commenting too!

So....where's your tat? :)

Barbara said...

Oh YUM! Behold the power of cheese.

Elizabeth said...

This sounds great!